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In response to the person asking about SERP APIs to Scrape Search Engine Results you may actually get a lot of SEO insights without using any tools: simply Google your keyword and then observe the results. The only problem is that is pretty time intensive to complete at scale. If you don't automate the SERP data gathering process. Utilizing a SERP API, you may quickly collect information from Google's search engine results pages that you analyse. It is possible to search for matters like the very best ranking pages are writing their page titles, the keywords they're targeting, how they format their content or simply take it a stage further and perform some deeper link investigation.

Look at These Top 5 SERP APIs (+ documentation):
1. ALL-SERP.COM enables you to scrape 5 research engines, includes Bing, Google, Aol, Duckduckgo and ask in real-time with no latency. You can put your high quantity requests such as Duckduckgo SERP API in a google spreadsheet file and put it to use to send volume needs for their API.

2. Apify
Apify provides a Google Search scraper to pull up a set of paid and organic results, advertisements, snap packs and much more.
It supports a selection of custom nation or language settings, and will pull on custom features

3. SERPChecker
SERPChecker (from Mangools) enables you to quickly execute SERP analysis to Find neighborhood SERPs for over 50k places, assess rich snippets and examine Your Site with opponents (using 4-5 + Search Engine Optimisation metrics)

4. SerpAPI
SerpApi is like having realtime API to access Google search results. JSON results like maps, shopping and comprehension chart elements for practically any location might be caught.

5. SERPChecker
SERPChecker (by Mangools) allows you to quickly perform SERP analysis to Find neighborhood SERPs for over 50k locations, assess wealthy snippets and examine Your Site with competitors (using 4-5 + SEO metrics)