10 ways to use lip balm That can do more beautiful than you think



Lip gloss or as many people call lip balm. It is a lip that contains natural ingredients. Contains vitamin E and moisturizes the lips, which many women carry around. So today we have 10 ways to use lip balm or make beautiful lip balm, tell me that people who carry lip balm with you, definitely worth using. How do you use it? Come and see.

Apply daily to moisturize. Prevents chapped lips
The first way. It can be applied on the lips regularly and can be applied whenever the lips feel dry. Lip it will help moisturize the lips. Make your lips look moist and pink naturally.

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Apply before applying lip matt. Prevent the lip from falling into the groove
In addition to moisturizing and Before applying a matte lipstick that causes dry lips Then apply a lip balm or lip balm first. It keeps the lips moisturized. Prevents the lipstick from falling into the furrows due to dry lips.

Apply after applying the lip for a dewy glow.
For people who want to make their lips look beautiful and natural After applying your favorite lipstick color Try applying a lip balm. Will help lips look a little juicy. And moisturize It's pretty natural.

Apply thickly during the night to help reduce the cause of dark lips.
Where the lips are darkened Before going to bed, use a lip balm or lip balm method to thick lips and go to bed.The moisture of the lip will help reduce the cause of the dark circles on the lips When exfoliating Dark and damaged lips will come off easily.

Use with sugar flakes Scrub the lips to reduce dark lips.
In addition to using a lip, it is a mask. Can also be used as a lip scrub by applying thick layers. On the lips and use sugar flakes to scrub thoroughly This will exfoliate the dead cells and the moisture will make your lips look pink.

Apply under eyes before bedtime. Helps reduce wrinkles under the eyes.
Can now be used to nourish the lips It can also be used on other areas of the face because the lip gloss won't have any color or scent. Including providing moisture It can help keep the skin looking firm. Anyone who has skin problems with wrinkles under the eyes You can apply lip balm before bed regularly to help tighten the skin under the eyes and reduce marks.

Apply on eyelids before eye makeup. Helps the eyeshadow color last.
Continue to use as a primer on the eyelids. It will help the eyeshadow stay more resistant on the eyelids. And also makes it look shiny and juicy Can be a beautiful natural color, too

Apply to the cheekbones Make it look shiny as if using a highlight
Anyone who likes a shiny makeup look When exposed to the sun and look at the skin naturally glowing. You can use your fingertips to touch the lip it to apply on the cheekbones that are exposed to the sun. Lip it will give you a juicy makeup look. You can use it like a highlight.

Apply over makeup that is firmly attached to remove it.
In addition to the oiliness of the lip will help keep moisture. Can also help remove the makeup pattern that is firmly attached on the face, eyes and lips Try using a lip balm or lip balm to wipe the area where makeup is stuck. Rub it for a few minutes and use it to wipe it off, it will help make makeup come off more easily.

Used to cure dry skin around the elbows Knees and astragalus.
Finally Anyone on the surface of the elbow Knees or dull and dark eyes Try using lip balm on the problem areas. With regular use, moisture can help reduce dryness and darkening of the skin.

Lip balm and lip balm can be said to be another cosmetic item that you can put in your purse or vanity table and can be used to beautify many things. Anyone who has already attached it, can try it accordingly.